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We offer a large range of Steel Products including:    Palisade Fencing (Devils Fork)

  • Other steel Fencing
  • Automated/Sliding or Swinging Car Gates
  • Carports
  • Burglar Proofing

The First Palisade Fence is as old as history itself. It was made from wooden stakes driven into the ground.

To this day it still offers a very good level of security and value for money.

The main benefit of Palisade fencing is the physical barrier it creates while still offering excellent visibility.

We offer the client a wide range of Automated Gates. They range from Sliding Gates and Swinging Gates to Booms and other commercial access control systems.

We make use of the best motors for these gates and offer the client a 24 hour standby service which is of great value.

Our Carports are of the highest quality. Over and above the fact that our steel construction is very sturdy and built to last, we also ensure that rust and other similar factors cause minimal if any damage to the structure.

We make use of leading canvas suppliers to finish off the Carports ensuring years of happy service.