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CCTV allows you to view two main groups of people. "Other People" like visitors to your home or business and "YOUR PEOPLE" who will typically be your employees in your own work environment. Surveillance can be for many reasons including security, quality control, or legal needs.


First generation CCTV systems originated in the 1950s and consisted of two low-resolution black and white cameras connected by coaxial cable to basic monitors.

The second generation DVR comes in two forms, appliance based DVRs, which are boxes similar in appearance to VCRs and PC-based DVRS which look like regular computers. The DVR software then allows the user to monitor live cameras, review stored video data, save images and video clips to disk and connect remotely to the main unit via the network.

The latest addition to the CCTV technology is the featuring products such as NetDVR. This represents the latest, third generation of CCTV systems. It is a 100% digital networked based solution which allows full control and management of CCTV cameras and surveillance over the LAN, WAN and Internet. NetDVR uses Internet Protocol (IP) technology to create digitized video streams that, when transferred via a computer network, enable remote control, monitoring and recording of live video, this means there is no distance limitation to operating cameras and monitoring, recording and archiving surveillance video.

DSS offers clients the FULL range of products, depending on the requirements and the budget of the client. Our professional consultants are ready to assist you in a analysis of your needs.