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New Installations

Let DSS Help you to secure your Property with our innovated security solutions. From Carports to CCTV. DSS have a Solution for you.

General Repairs & Maintenance

DSS does Repairs and Maintenance on your current security solution. If its Access control or Gate Motors. We will help.


DSS will consult with you to improve your current security and other solutions. 

CCTV- Closed Circuit TeleVision

DSS offers clients the FULL range of products, depending on the requirements and the budget of the client. Our professional consultants are ready to assist you in an analysis of your needs.

Closed Circiut TeleVision

CCTV allows you to view the two main groups of people. “Other People” like visitors to your home or business and “YOUR PEOPLE” who will typically be your employees in your own work environment. Surveillance can be for many reasons including security, quality control, or legal needs.


The second-generation DVR comes in two forms, appliance-based DVRs, which are boxes similar in appearance to VCRs and PC-based DVRs which look like regular computers. The DVR software then allows the user to monitor live cameras, review stored video data, save images and video clips to disk and connect remotely to the main unit via the network.



 The latest addition to the CCTV technology is the featuring products such as NetDVR. This represents the latest, third generation of CCTV systems. It is a 100% digital networked-based solution which allows full control and management of CCTV cameras and surveillance over the LAN, WAN and Internet. NetDVR uses Internet Protocol (IP) technology to create digitized video streams that, when transferred via a computer network, enable remote control, monitoring and recording of live video, this means there is no distance limitation to operating cameras and monitoring, recording and archiving surveillance video.

New Installations and Repairs

DSS do any CCTV new installation and repairs on your current CCTV System.

Electric Fencing

We supply standard and custom made wall top and freestanding electric fences. All installations are done within the law on electric fencing regulations. The average voltage for an electric fence is 10 000 Volts and 8 Joules. All wires are monitored and an alarm condition can be monitored by any monitoring facility. Low-voltage electric fences that are also monitored can be installed in places like schools.

Why Electric Fencing?

The need for higher levels of security to deter intruders is growing worldwide. Whereas in the past a security fence was merely a passive physical barrier, the reality of today’s world prescribes the use of an active intrusion detection system that reacts to any intrusion attempts, preventing or delaying intruder access and one that is not reliant on human surveillance.

Who Uses an Electric Fence?

Private houses, housing estates, farms, industrial complexes, factories, warehouses, military installations and government facilities are all potential end-users.

Advantages of an Electric Fence


• Easy installation on existing wall or fence, or as a stand-alone perimeter fence.
• Provides a physical barrier that delays the intrusion time.
• Provides an electric shock to intruders.
• Acts as a psychological barrier to deter intrusion attempts.
• Provides a higher level of detection capability to detect an intrusion attempt and set off the alarm which is then transmitted to the security personnel or company monitoring the site.
• Low maintenance costs.
• Easy to operate.
• Animals receive an electric shock and are deterred without activating the alarm. The animal learns not to come into contact with the fence
• Accidental human contact with the fence will provide an electric shock that will teach the person (who is not an intruder) not to tamper with the fence.
• The electric wires serve as a perimeter fence, alleviating the need to erect another conventional fence.
• Reduced cost of security personnel.

Automated Gate Motors

We offer the client a wide range of Automated Gates. They range from Sliding Gates and Swinging Gates to Booms and other commercial access control systems.

We make use of the best motors for these gates and offer the client a 24-hour standby service which is of great value.

Garage Doors

We offer a range of Garage Doors with Full Automation.

Our range comprises of Roll Up Doors, Jack Knife Doors and the very popular and sophisticated Solid Wooden Sectional Doors.
We offer only the best motors to drive these doors and never compromise on quality.

Access Control

n the fields of physical security and information security, access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource while access management describes the process.

Other Security Solutions


  • Devilsfork
  • Carports
  • Sliding and Swinging Gates
  • Burglarproof


  • Intercom Systems
  • Electronic Locks
  • Remote Controls for Gates
  • Sensors
  • Security Booms

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We repair, supply and install all Garage doors, wooden sectional, steel sectional and roll-up doors. All automation of garage doors and gates.

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Dynamic Security Services takes the clients’ security needs to heart. That is why we are always there to assist in the best possible way.

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We repair, supply and install all Garage doors, wooden sectional, steel sectional and roll-up doors. All automation of garage doors and gates. We give a one-stop security solution and take your safety to heart.

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